Injury, Divorce & Criminal Law - Kaufman, Texas
Areas of Practice

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

     Car, Truck & 18-Wheeler Wrecks
     Asbestos Lung Cancer / Mesothelioma
     Railroad Injuries & Exposures
     Occupational & Workplace Injuries
     Benzene, Silica & Other Toxic Exposures
     Construction Injuries
     Dangerous & Defective Products
     Unsafe Premises

Probate & Estate Administration

     Letters Testamentary / Probate of Will
     Will & Estate Contests / Family Disputes
     Drafting of Wills & Trusts
     Dependent Administration
     Power of Attorney

Family Law, Divorce & Custody

     Divorce & Custody
     Child Support & Paternity
     Child Protective Services (CPS)
     Grandparent Access
     Contempt & Enforcement
     Modifications of Prior Orders

Civil Litigation & Transactions

     Eminent Domain / Condemnation of Land
     Business Disputes & Professional Conflicts
     Business Entity Formation / Incorporation
     Breach of Contract

Real Estate

     Deed Preparation
     Promissory Notes & Lease Agreements
     Foreclosures & Evictions

Criminal Law

     Felonies & Misdemeanors
     Protective Order Defense
     Bond Reductions
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